As the IT culture becomes more complex, SOFTECH IT Services strives for simplicity. Our services are specially design to meet the requirements of the home based customer and small business who don't have any expertise in Information Technology support. With our services; we are wholly responsible and committed to fulfil your requirements and make your way clear right from the beginning till the end. Come with us to experience our range of IT services. We will work together to find the best solution for you and perhaps we can deliver extraordinary service to your doorstep. Our commitment is to deliver an IT services that is valued, targeted and utilize the best of the resources available to us. Your satisfaction lead the way to improve our quality standards designed to meet the ever-growing challenges and requirements of IT industry.



We are Local. Oxford based provides cost effective and flexible all-round computer support and maintenance for your business and for your personal IT devices so your productivity can increase through technology.With SOFTECH as single point of contact for your technology needs, you can:

We are proud of what we do. We are proud because we are able to bring to you an exceptional programs in “SOFTECH

Learning” that ranges from basic computing to specific tools and Cisco Certifications. We are proud because we offer

cheaper support and monitoring packages for your day to day IT stuff that ranges from troubleshooting to major system

recovery and installations. We also offer great quotes for website designing and database creation plus applications like

staff management, Inventory management and many more.


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